I got a new Suburban.  My new baby.   It's black, and as I found out quickly, black is very hard to take care of, but it does match all my outfits!

I know I sound like a girl, but there is a very girly side of me, and this new car brings it out!

I now only allow water in my car, and am taking very good care of it.  The first day I had it, Matthew walked by with his scooter and nicked the paint.  I stayed calm and took it into A&D Autobody for some touch up paint.  I love that they didn't laugh at me.  The paint nick was so small, the guy working there had to get about 2 inches away from the car to see it.

While I was there, I learned about a new thing (actually, it's probably not new, but new to me).  It's a clear bra that you can't even see, but protects the front of your car from nicks and scratches from all the rocks we have around here.  I also got these cool hard mud flaps that will protect the base of my car from the winter gravel, and did you know they can also hook you up with floor mats?

My baby is now fully protected and ready to go.

Oh, and thanks again A & D for not laughing at me when I came in to show you the weird smudge on the side of my car, that you buffed out for me.

I promise I will not come in every single day.  In fact, today I am giving you a "Colleen Holiday."

Seriously, though...it can sometimes be a challenge to find a place that is honest, and gives you amazing customer service.  This is my shout-out to such a place.  THANKS, GUYS!