I remember my prom.  I was so lucky, I got a new dress and shoes.  I did my hair myself, but of course, it was the 80's and all I had to do was back comb it and spray the hell out of it with hairspray.  My date sucked, but other than that, it was perfect!  We want to make sure that EVERY girl in Southwest Montana who wants to go to prom, gets to, and looks gorgeous!
Do you have dresses, shoes or jewelry that you can donate to area high school girls who can't afford to go to prom? Maybe you own a business that can help with hair or makeup. Or, are you a high school girl in need of a little financial help to make sure your prom is perfect? Go to this link, or call 599-5666, or 388-6106. We want to make sure this year's prom is "A Night To Remember."

A Night To Remember