I have to say even though I didn't get to go to the concert to see him in person, I was pretty dang excited that Paul McCartney was playing in Missoula last night. I mean this guy is a Beatle! It doesn't get much bigger than that.

Our friend, Chris Griffin, on 1450 KMMS-AM actually got to interview Paul on the phone yesterday! I asked Chris if I could be in the studio when he conducted the interview, but he said no. So, I actually peaked through the window at one point because I've never been that close to someone who was actually talking at that moment to a BEATLE. Come on, the guy wrote Hey Jude, considered one of the greatest songs of all-time!

A lot of the XL Nation were in Missoula for the concert last night (I know, because you called the show to tell us!) and some even shot some video for us. Thank you Joyce Miller (There's No Better Choice Than Joyce! Yes, that Joyce!) for the video that you can view below. We also have provided you a link below to Chris Griffin's interview with Paul.

I have to say, Paul sounds and looks pretty good for being dead!