Latest updates of the Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan this morning with Videos and Photos.

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Update 9:07AM:

The first waves from the Japanese
tsunami have reached the U.S. mainland along the Oregon coast.
Authorities in parts of California, Oregon and Washington state
have been urging coastal residents to move to higher ground. Waves
up to 7 feet high have been hitting Hawaii. The waves are expected
to continue for a while and officials say they could become larger.

Update 7:53AM:

Japanese police say 200 to 300 bodies have been
found in a northeastern coastal area after a massive earthquake.
The magnitude 8.9 offshore quake unleashed a 23-foot tsunami and
was followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours. Boats, cars and
homes have been swept away. Widespread fires are burning out of
control. The Japanese government has ordered thousands of residents
near a nuclear plant to evacuate because the plant's system was
unable to cool the reactor.

Tsunami waves that were sent by the huge
earthquake in Japan are moving through Hawaii. Waves of at least 3
feet are recorded on Oahu and Kauai, and officials say they could
become larger. Water rushed ashore in Honolulu, swamping the beach
in Waikiki and surging over the break wall, but stopping short of
the area's high-rise hotels.
Waves from the Pacific tsunami are expected to
hit the western coast of the United States later this morning. Near
Santa Barbara, Calif., people near the beach and in low-lying
coastal areas have been told to move immediately inland to higher
ground. Sirens have begun sounding in some communities on the
Oregon coast to urge people to seek higher ground. And a Washington
state emergency management spokesman says two coastal counties are
working on limited evacuations.

Update 6:51AM:

The largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history
has slammed the eastern coast. The 8.9 magnitude jolt then spawned
a powerful tsunami, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people.
Authorities say nearly 3 dozen people have been killed. There are
also reports of widespread and out of control fires and at least 19
aftershocks following the quake. A 4.5-magnitude earthquake struck

Japan’s earthquake resulted in tsunami warnings
as far away as South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S.
West Coast. Tsunami sirens have been sounding and coastal areas are
being evacuated in Hawaii, where the first waves are expected to
hit about 6 a.m. Pacific time, or 9 a.m. Eastern today. A
geophysicist for the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says the
biggest waves to hit Hawaii could reach more than 6 feet.