According to a survey of hiring managers by OfficeTeam, these are seven phrases you should avoid putting on your resume, because they're OVERUSED and MEANINGLESS.  Here they are, along with the ways to REPLACE them.#1.)  "Highly qualified."  Instead, you should list specific qualifications.

#2.)  "Hard worker."  Show how meeting deadlines and handling a large volume of tasks PROVES you work hard.

#3.)  "Team player."  Give examples of how you worked well with other people.

#4.)  "Problem solver."  Highlight a problem you were able to solve.

#5.)  "Flexible."  Mention a major change you responded to at your job.

#6.)  "People person."  Again, you should give a SPECIFIC example instead of just saying it.

#7.)  "Self-starter."  Show how you took action without being prompted.