I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I love Facebook, and I won't be deleting my account anytime soon!

A student at DePaul University in Chicago named Kristina Campagna deleted her Facebook page over a year ago, and hasn't gone back. And apparently that's such an amazing feat, "USA Today" asked her to write an article about it.

Here are the top three things she says she's learned since quitting Facebook.

#1.) Some of the Information People Post Is Actually Valuable. Most of it isn't, but a lot of people use Facebook to discuss news, politics, and pop culture. So if you quit, you either fall behind on it, or actually have to seek it out yourself.

#2.) When You're Not on Facebook, You're More Mysterious. As in, people can't reach for their phone and check you out as soon as they meet you.

Although, you're ALSO more mysterious to potential EMPLOYERS, which ISN'T good. Because these days, a lot of hiring managers assume you're old and/or crazy if you're not on Facebook.

#3.) Not Everyone Knows When Your Birthday Is. So when someone SAYS "happy birthday," it actually means something . . . because it's not just an old high school friend who happened to see a birthday alert.