Hear What Yellowstone Country Motors Customers Have to Say:


"Manny, we had some time so we figured we would challenge your "lowest price guarantee". We went to Bozeman, Billings, and called Butte and everybody wanted us to give them your price so they could beat it. We kept telling them we wanted their best price.Two of them finally gave us a price and they were both higher then your original price.We thought it would be good for you to know your salesman is doing a good job"

R. Simmons, Big Timber MT



"Your salespeople had a high level of integrity and honesty. We will buy there again."

S. Ashburn, Butte, MT


"We Checked your prices on the internet; they were exactly what we were quoted. It's good to know that there is still a dealer we can trust."

S. Connors, Bozeman, MT


"We have bought two used vehicles from you since 1999 and never had any major problems. We will buy from you again."

The Armstrong's, Gardiner, MT