A Utah based construction company has a massive apartment complex in the works right now.  How does 195 new housing options sound?  What about the 390 space parking lot? How about all of that jammed onto 6.748 acres of land?

I know that doesn't sound appealing to many people...  I kind of like my open spaces.  And I always wonder why these outside construction companies like to come into our town and build cookie cutter apartments.  Based on the preliminary drawings there will be a few different units to choose from.

In this proposal the use of acreage is as follows: 36% is building footprint, 31% pavement/parking, 27% green space.

  • 48 - One Bedroom Apartments
  • 123 - Two Bedroom Apartments
  • 24 - Three Bedroom Apartments
proposed building site
Architectural Drawings of Buildings