Spencer Platt/Getty Images

I think this is genius.

If Honda announced that their 2014 minivans would come with brand new safety features, special airbags, and more advanced braking . . . would you care?   Of course, but this may be even better!

Honda just announced that their 2014 Honda Odyssey minivans will come with a BUILT-IN VACUUM CLEANER. They're calling it the HondaVac.

But it's pretty brilliant. I've never been inside a family minivan that WASN'T a filthy Petri dish covered in crumbs, insects, crushed Doritos, something sticky, and God knows what else. This will make people SO much more likely to clean all that up.

The vacuum cleaner has a 10-foot hose that extends from the side of the van, and is long enough to reach around the entire car.

Of course, because car companies are car companies, you can only get the hose in your minivan if you spend thousands extra on the most expensive add-on package.