Don't settle for the obvious presents this Christmas. Wrap up some of these items and you'll be sure to surprise and impress everyone on your list.

Sriracha Candy Canes - This might be more of a prank than a gift. Can you imagine the look on their faces when they realize the minty candy cane is actually blisteringly spicy? Buy here

Inflatable Backseat Airbed - It's not easy fitting even one sleeping person comfortably in the back seat of an SUV. Now you can increase the size of the backseat sleeping area with an inflatable mattress that fits on top of the seats and extends to the back of the front seats. Buy here

Anti-Theft Bike Tire and Seat Bolts - You can replace the bolts of your bike with these sophisticated yet simple to use combination bolts. No more worrying if your tire or seat will still be there after dinner in downtown Bozeman. Buy here

Bug-A-Salt Gun - You will no longer be annoyed by flies in your home. This gun will shoot a pinch of salt at a deadly rate for a fly from 3 feet away. Just fill, point, shoot and relax. Buy here

Custom Wearable Mask - Imagine the look on your girlfriends face when she opens up her present and finds a mask of your face! Or a mask of her face! It's creepy but fun. Buy here

Motion Activated Ambient Bed Light - Not more searching for your phone when you need to light your path through the bedroom. The light will turn on once your feet hit the ground and it won't wake up the person sleeping next to you. Buy here

Anki Drive - It's a video game that is real! You control the cars on an iOS device and watch the cars drive around the race track in real life. What's really cool is that the cars have their own AI and will get pretty competitive. The more you race the more upgrades you get for your car. While the real life car physically doesn't change, your cars abilities in the game can change. Buy here.

Mystery Box - It's a box with unknown items inside. It's the perfect gift for anyone who already has everything they want. Maybe they will discover something new. Buy here.

Bluetooth Gloves - It's cold in Bozeman and we aren't allowed to drive while talking on the phone. These gloves will keep your hands warm and keep you in touch while on the go. (I'm actually not sure if this would qualify as hands-free) Talking into your hand as if it's a telephone is completely acceptable as an adult! Buy here

Mind-Controlled Helicopter - Yep, this is a remote controlled helicopter that all you have to do is think to get it to move. I wonder what it would do if I wore the headset while working. Buy here

Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Rings - Who wouldn't want a ring made from long since extinct dinosaurs and a meteor from outer space? Buy here

Razor Blade Sharpener - Stop throwing away blades just because they get dull after a few uses. Sharpen them up and continue on using them while saving money. Claims to work on all razor blades and the reviews seem very positive. Buy here

Sky Bouncer - It's like a frisbee that you throw at the ground and watch it bounce high into the air. Buy here

Cute Animal Underwear - It just looks so darned cute! Lots of different animals to choose from. Buy here

Pretentious Beer Glasses - Now the glass that holds the beer can be just as pretentious as the person drinking it. I'm a beer snob in a way an dthese glasses are definitely on my list. there is even a glass that can simultaneously hold two beers separate.  Buy here

Cookie Dipper - Now milks favorite cookie has its own eating utensil. Looks like a tasty gift if you ask me and you might want to include cookies with the dipper. Buy here