I admit, I am not great at computers.  I can shop like a maniac, send and receive emails, and blog, but that's about it.  The other day, I sent the Grandparents a video of my middle child, Gracie, learning how to ride a bike.  I was so proud of myself that I popped open a bottle of wine!

Luckily, my kids are still too young to be on Facebook, but we already have a rule that if they are on the computer, they have to be in a room with us.  I am trying to avoid problems like the one below.

Today, I read a disturbing story, about a young girl who posted on Facebook that she wished Osama Bin Laden would have killed her teacher.  While most likely harmless, you can't say things like that anymore, and you especially can't write it down, where everyone can see it, on the web. The girl was suspended.

It brings up a couple of good questions.  Should children have a class in school that deals with on-line behavior?  We didn't have to deal with this as kids, but I see posts from young people I know on Facebook.  They sometimes use bad words, and make statements that I know they will want to take back someday.  Problem is, they won't be able to.  Another question, should parents have control of kids' Facebook pages until they turn 18?

The internet arrived and has changed so quickly, that laws and rules can't keep up with it.  I know there are alot of responsible kids out there, but we can't expect young kids to always make the best decisions...that's what parents are for.  But as parents know, we can't ALWAYS be there.

Is there a solution?  I would like to hear what you think.