The XL Country Club is open to new members. We have no secret handshake, require no dress code, and we perform no secret rituals. Here are 10 reasons you should join our XL Country Club right now!

  1. It's Free! Enough said there.
  2. You get extra chances to win great prizes like our current Dierks Bentley Flyaway
  3. XL Country Club members actually look better when checking themselves in the mirror.
  4. We have a Cash Contest coming soon and you'll have extra chances to win!
  5. There are no monthly dues! See #1 above.
  6. You get our newsletter every week with inside info about the XL Nation.
  7. We give you extra points every day that you can use for contests to win cool prizes.
  8. It's easier to become a member than signing up for ObamaCare.
  9. You will have extra chances soon to win a Flyaway to see George Strait.
  10. Makes for great party conversation