I forgot, they decided to change the name from the Academy Awards to the Oscars.

I do remember hearing about the 'Oscar curse,' which is winning an Oscar, and then having your career go kaput.

It happens all the time: Someone wins an Oscar, then never comes close to reaching that level again. With that in mind, here's a list of 10 Academy Award Winners Who Dropped Off the Map . . .

#1.) Cuba Gooding Jr., Best Supporting Actor for "Jerry Maguire", 1996

#2.) Adrien Brody, Best Actor for "The Pianist", 2003

#3.) Jennifer Connelly, Best Supporting Actress for "A Beautiful Mind", 2002

#4.) Brenda Fricker, Best Supporting Actress for "My Left Foot", 1990

#5.) Bruce Joel Rubin, Best Original Screenplay for "Ghost", 1991

#6.) Roberto Benigni, Best Actor for "Life Is Beautiful", 1999

#7.) Mercedes Ruehl, Best Supporting Actress for "The Fisher King", 1992

#8.) Timothy Hutton, Best Supporting Actor for "Ordinary People", 1981

#9.) Joel Grey, Best Supporting Actor for "Cabaret", 1972

#10.) Michael Cimino, Best Director for "The Deer Hunter", 1979